Ep5. Ethan Kinneen, Stormhouse Pizza


Join us on a mouthwatering journey to Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford, where we meet Ethan Kinneen, the visionary behind Stormhouse Pizza.

Having traversed the halls of Music College, working as a kitchen porter to fund his college year ignited Ethan's passion for culinary artistry. Inspired by a trip to Dingle with his father and girlfriend, Ethan recognised a gap in the market and envisioned bringing a fresh, wood-fired twist to his village’s dining scene.

While trying the expat life in Valencia, Ethan felt a drive to do something more exciting and take more of a risk. He returned to Kilmore Quay and along with his brother Shay and best friend Josh, the trio embarked on a daring adventure - Stormhouse Pizza was born.

As they celebrate a year and a half in business, Stormhouse Pizza continues to delight patrons with their irresistible pizzas, served alongside a pint at Quigley's Bar in Kilmore Village.

Reflecting on his journey, Ethan shares invaluable insights: "There's definitely something to gain, even if it isn't the success you've always hoped for."

You don't have to have a plan that goes a year or 5 years……once you get the ball rolling and you put yourself out there, then opportunities start popping up.”

Their story is a testament to the power of taking risks, embracing uncertainty and determination to shake up the status quo.


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