The (not so) secret ingredient behind Ireland's favourite pizzas

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“After 2 weeks using the logs for me its really been a game changer.

The consistency of the heat produced and the flames makes my job so much easier. Before I had to poke at the fire all the time to make sure I could keep the right temp, as some the timber wasn’t dry enough or the logs sizes were irregular.

I don’t have these issues anymore as soon as the temp starts dropping a little I throw in a new log and I'm good to go for 45min without having to worry about anything but the pizzas.

I've noticed as well that with a constant temperature my pizzas come out beautifully 100% of the time.


“More consistent than anything I’ve tried before.”

I tried a lot of suppliers before I discovered these and they’re more consistent than anything I’ve tried before. The size is perfect for controlling the heat and it’s much easier to get a higher flame. You can even break them into smaller pieces if you need to get the oven fired up quickly.


Forno1889® presents

... a video series showcasing Ireland's dedicated pizza obsessives.

Made in Italy

Produced sustainably from 100% beechwood sawdust. Especially designed for cooking. All organic. No additives.


Experience Forno1889®

Beechwood Pizza Briquettes.

  • 1% For the Planet

    1% of every purchase supports valuable environmental & social projects in Ireland.

  • 100% FSC certified

    The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide.

  • Sustainable supply chain

    We’re part of the Sedex global network, supporting sustainable supply chains worldwide.

  • Ready to Burn

    Independently tested and certified Ready to Burn with a moisture content below 20%. Forno1889® burns more efficiently and reduces environmental impact.

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