Ep2. Richard Whitty, Crust Pizza

In this insightful interview with the visionary behind Crust Wood Fired Pizza in Wexford, Richard shares his inspiring journey from enrolling in a cookery course to opening his dream restaurant five years ago.

Captivated by a flame he shares why he has always loved working with wood fired oven

“It's really hard to beat the flavour of something that comes from a wood fire oven. That raw element, it's always a lovely thing to be able to work with. It's not something you just press a button and go, it's something you feel it’s going back to tradition.”

Discover his passion and dedication as Richard discusses the allure of wood fire ovens, the importance of quality produce, and the joy of building relationships with customers. Hear about the challenges faced, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how resilience and determination brought the soul back to the restaurant.

Whether you're a pizza enthusiast, aspiring restaurateur, or simply curious about the journey of fulfililng a dream, this interview offers valuable insights and heartfelt advice.
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